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After hosting recycling information for many years, is proud to review select repair links. "Repair" is (or should be) the fourth R in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". Repair is not always less expensive than mass produced new goods, but it does provide much higher skilled employment, and can greatly reduce resource expenditure.

LCD Monitors and Televisions:

Surprisingly, just about any problem with a modern flatscreen can be repaired. While there are thousands of models, they are built up from a small number of component parts. The parts that fail most frequently are well known to a few select shops. Look for a shop with electronics experience, one that can repair boards to a compnent level (not simply swap parts). The resources listed here can all fix out-of-production displays, in addition to current models. Cracked glass cannot be fixed, everything else can be:

Outdoor Gear

  • Rocky Mountain Resole can rebuild any hiking boot: specalizes in molded sole hiking boots. Uses the original lasts to ensure proper shape for the resulting boots. If your boots are comfortable now, you can expect the repaired boots to be just as comfortable.
  • Narain's Outdoor Sewing in Berkeley California can fix anything made of fabric and any zipper or buckle. They specalize in tents, backpacks, jackets, sleeping bags. Call for an RMA prior to shipping.
  • Tent Repair Services in Camden Maine specializes in (guess what) tent repair. Visit their website for photos of the action. Authorized repair center for Moss, Walrus, Armadillo & MSR tents... but can fix anything.
  • Robert Cooney in Eatonville Washington works from home, and can fix most outdoor gear.
  • Specialty Outdoors Spokane, WA. High quality sewing and repair for Outdoors Enthusiasts. No Teva velcro repairs.
  • Stitchlines Englewood, CO. Outdoor gear & wetsuit cleaning & repair. Marmot & North Face approved repair facility.
  • RainyPass Seattle, WA 98103. 888-RIP-STOP. Also offers outsourced warranty repair for small businesses.

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