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Planning a trip abroad? Want to learn a few words of the local language? Consider our self-published language learning series, available only on Mini Compact Disc, and retailed exclusively through independent travel oriented bookstores.

We also offer individual titles directly over the Internet. Titles are $6 each (including shipping). Available CD's are:

No prior language learning experience is required. This series is suitable for complete beginners, kids or even babies.

What's special about this course?

This is the smallest course available, teaching the fewest words. We don't assume you want to learn the language. This course is for people who want to "get by" and "be polite". We teach only the words you really need. There are no phrases for use at the airport (English will do fine), there is nothing complicated (chances are you won't remember it anyway). We feel that learning 20 phrases well is more important than hearing 300 words you won't be able to use.

Because we concentrate on fewer words, we can do a better job. You'll be drilled, quizzed and drilled again. Words will be presented in order, and in random order. Some titles include several native speakers so you can really get prepared for what you'll hear on the street. The printed guide includes the words, translations, and travel language tips.

This is a better way to learn your first 20 phrases.

Why Use This Course?

These days it is possible to travel in most countries, speaking nothing of the local language. Enough people speak English, especially in touristy areas, that you'll manage. However, learning just a few words can enhance your travel experience in many ways. You'll get more from your travel, and leave a better impression with the local people.

Sure, I'll try it!

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