This utility dumps shapefiles and associated data into various formats. It was created specifically because of a desire to dump data into Google Maps (see example above).

shp2text.c (single source file) (build directory, linux binaries, windows command line executable)  bike-cape_islands-geo.xml (example output)
bike-cape_islands-geo.dbf  bike-cape_islands-geo.shp  bike-cape_islands-geo.shx 

The above files were processed with the command line "shp2text --gpx bike-cape_islands-geo.shp 6 0 > output.gpx". This work is derived from the shplib shape file library. See also the ERSI White Paper on Shapefile GIS Format. For information on the map loader see gpx_loader.

Last update: April 2007.  For more information, or comments, email "bryce2" at "".