gps_fixit - GPS/ArcView/laptop data collection

Arcview GPS Fixit is designed for real-time GPS-enabled data or database gathering using ArcView 3.x GIS. Connect a GPS to a laptop computer, and head out to the field! Press the GPS Fixit button to directly add a new record to a point shapefile, with the GPS latitude and longitude already filled in. Then edit the associated table to describe what you've found (be it an animal sighting, manhole cover, intersection, bus stop or whatever).

Get it here:, complete with Windows executable. You may also browse the source code for the main helper, gps_fixit.c, and the ArcView Avenue script gpsfixer.ave. Both programs are fully compatible with Windows, Linux and POSIX Unix systems.

This software was written because common tools like DNR Garmin and the ESRI Tracking Analyst simply can't do this simple thing!

Author: Bryce Nesbitt. Last update May 2004.